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A Year in the Life of an Owl

. “A Year in the Life of an Owl” follows our region’s four resident owl species from winter through fall. We’ll learn what makes owls instantly recognizable and find a few surprises hidden under all those feathers! We’ll get a peek into their romantic courtships, the challenges of raising young, and the difficult transition from nestling to fledgling. And finally, we’ll see the quiet time when the young seek out their place in the world and the adults can (almost) relax. Our four Owl Ambassadors will help us tell the story. You’ll meet Scarlett (Barred Owl), Hodor (Great Horned Owl), Phantom (Barn Owl), and Kvosir (Eastern Screech-Owl) “in person,” learn about each species and a little about their personal lives in captivity. You might even get to take a few selfies! This program is co-sponsored by Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy and the Loudoun County Public Library. 

November 02
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Rust Library
380 Old Waterford Road NW
Leesburg, VA