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Marshall Plan Tree Walk Lighting Ceremony

Dec 3. 4:30 pm, with trees installed through January 6, 2023

The signature holiday event of Dodona Manor kicks off on December 3 at 4:30 pm with the outdoor tree lighting ceremony. Bundle up and join us for hot chocolate and s’mores before the sun sets. Get a glimpse of the 17 decorated trees, each representing a European nation that participated in the European Recovery Program.


Come back and visit the decorated trees anytime until January 6. No entry fee required!


The European Recovery Program was a U.S. program that supplied nearly $13 billion to help finance rebuilding efforts in Europe in the wake of World War II. This program became known as the Marshall Plan because of George Marshall’s role in recognizing its importance and persuading Congress and the American people of its importance. Nearly 75 years later, the 17 nations that participated in the program continue to enjoy the peace and prosperity it helped secure for them.